Youth Organizations

“We try to find new resources for leadership practice because we know one day can only act as a jump start. If we rest with what we are currently doing, we won’t be serving our kids to the best of our ability.” – Youth Club Organizer

Youth clubs and organizations help kids improve their academic performance and they offer a safe, fun environment outside of school. They are an essential part of preparing kids to graduate from high school with a great future head of them, one filled with a healthy lifestyle and a strong character to achieve positive outcomes.

Many clubs operate under tight budgets and it can be difficult to predict the total number of kids that might participate in a program in any given week or month. Our curriculum is affordable, fits within a limited timeframe, makes the instructor’s job easy, and excites the kids!

Mindset Matters shares these ideals and strives to inspire and engage youth in developing personal leadership skills and personal safety skills. Built on the foundation that leaders are not born, but are instead developed through personal choices and practice, we embrace a mindset of positive change that can be delivered in an easy to teach and fun to learn manner.

Our curriculum can be delivered as standalone lessons over a six-month, nine-month or one-year timeframe. Each of the eight (8) Leadership Traits is taught as three standalone, 25-minute lessons for a total of 24 leadership lessons.

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