A special message for school faculty...


Dear Educator,

A common concern expressed by educators is that their graduates will soon be leaving the protected environment of high school for the unknown.

Many graduating seniors believe they are invincible or simply naïve to the dangers that await them when moving away for the first time. Studies have shown that very few young adults have the proper skills to keep themselves safe—and this deficiency has serious implications for their personal well-being.

Our team at Mindset Matters shares this same concern, and that’s why we’ve created Real World Safety. Our goal is to support you in the teaching of this 14-lesson program that helps high school seniors proactively avoid conflict and arrive home safely in an increasingly dangerous world.

With this essential life skills training that has already helped prepare more than 2,000 young adults, your students will become equipped to trust their instincts, develop personal responsibility, increase their observation skills, and have an action plan when faced with different types of potential threats.

Thank you for listening to our story!
The Mindset Matters Team


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Dear Educator,

As a leader within your school, your team and staff may expect you to constantly innovate when it comes to curriculum, activities and ways to differentiate your school from all others.

You may have a character program in place, but feel it needs to be strengthened or deepened, or you may just want to shift the mindset and culture when it comes to leadership to provide additional value to your students and their families.

Our team at Mindset Matters understands the need to keep material fresh while at the same time inspiring your students and setting your school apart from all others. That’s why we’ve created Leadership Mindset for Middle School, a leadership curriculum for grades 5-8 to build positive culture change through character education and development. Our goal is to help EACH student reach his or her potential to be a great leader through flexible and fun teaching materials, real-world application and daily practice that will impact the rest of their lives.

Thank you for being a part of this mission!

The Mindset Matters Team

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