I’m concerned with safety of my son or daughter once they “leave the nest”.

Will they be able to recognize potentially dangerous situations? Will they make the right decisions? Will they act early enough to avoid harm?

I remember leaving for college believing that “nothing was going to happen” to me. But I wonder, how many of us as parents stayed safe due to pure luck rather than through knowledge and skill?

Schools and youth organizations have found Real World Safety to be essential training to prepare high school seniors for life on their own. Built on the foundation that feeling safe isn’t enough, but that being safe takes practice, preparedness, and observation skills, our curriculum is easy to teach, exciting to learn, and offers every senior the opportunity to integrate personal safety into their life-essentials tool kit.

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“The opportunity to learn proven safety skills from highly trained experts is exciting for the students and our staff.” – High School Teacher


As a parent, I want my kid to have the same opportunities as every other kid – to learn and to lead.

I want my child to be prepared academically, socially and emotionally for their high school life.

Mindset for Middle School is a unique leadership development program that schools and youth organizations use to help kids learn to lead, excel academically, and prepare for life beyond middle school. Mindset Matters achieves this by delivering curriculum that is simple to teach, cool to learn, and offers EVERY kid the opportunity to practice leadership.

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“We teach our kids ABOUT leadership, but little is being done to teach them HOW to be a leader.” – Middle School Principal