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Real World Safety

Real World Safety is a life skills curriculum that schools and youth organizations use for empowering high school seniors to develop personal safety practices,preparing them for life on their own. This curriculum is built on the foundation that feeling safe isn’t enough, but that being safe takes practice, preparation, and observation skills.

We help students develop the ability and motivation to step up in time of conflict by offering easy to teach curriculum, thought-provoking to learn, and offers every high school senior the opportunity to develop skills and decision making practices that could someday save their life..

“This is the best thing we ever taught in advisory!” – High School Senior Teacher

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Mindset for Middle School

Mindset for Middle School is a unique middle school curriculum that schools and youth organizations use to help kids learn to lead, excel academically, and prepare them for life beyond middle school. We achieve this by delivering curriculum that is simple to teach, cool to learn, and offers EVERY kid the choice to practice leadership. The program offers flexible instruction, a captivating video series, and a powerful connection to student’s lives.

“In 2013-14, our Middle School saw an across-the-board improvement in our state standardized test scores. Mindset for Middle School is the only significant change we made to our curriculum this year, and I’m convinced it had a positive impact on our test score results.” ‒ Middle School Principal

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Leadership Events

Our Leadership Day threads together a variety of development and relationship-building activities mixed with small group breakout sessions for high school students or middle school students led by one of our retired US Navy SEALs. Students explore core leadership concepts, followed by application of these practices in their own lives, and then conclude with reflection and a challenge to carry forth their new learning into the classroom, extracurricular activities, and local communities. We encourage you to include a cross section of student leaders, i.e. from extra-curricular activities, student council, as well as influencers who may not hold “formal” leadership roles. There are no restrictions on whether your participants are seniors, juniors, sophomores, or freshmen.

“Great content and student interaction time! This was the key to developing the leaders in our school system!” – Student Chaperone

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