“This is the best thing we ever taught in advisory!”
High School Senior Teacher

Real World Safety Curriculum:
24/7 Student Access

Real World Safety is a life skills curriculum that colleges, high schools and youth organizations use for empowering students to take responsibility for their own safety by developing personal safety practices to prepare them for life on their own. The curriculum is built on the foundation that feeling safe isn’t enough, but that being safe takes practice, preparation, and observation skills.

We help students develop the ability and motivation to step up in time of conflict by offering easy to teach curriculum, thought-provoking to learn, and offers every high school senior the opportunity to develop skills and decision making practices that could someday save their life.

Mindset Matters brings the most innovative preventative personal safety training to your high school and college students 24/7 through our online learning application. Please email us directly to inquire about our life skills curriculum for your students: todd@mymindsetmatters.org.