Mindset for Middle School: Year One Curriculum

Mindset Matters for Middle School consists of eight core leadership modules. The instructional flow develops a leadership mindset by using one topic to fuel inquiry into the next, creating a collective curriculum linking together each facet of character education.

Module 1 Courage
Not the absence of fear, but making the right choices and taking the right actions in spite of fear.
Unit 1 Courage Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Courage Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Courage
Unit 4 Student Packet - Courage
Unit 5 Courage Post-Module Survey
Module 2 Honor
Living up to a Code of Behavior in which the concerns of the group come before your own.
Unit 1 Honor Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Honor Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Honor
Unit 4 Student Packet - Honor
Unit 5 Honor Post-Module Survey
Module 3 Respect
Shown through positive feelings of approval and earned through valued actions.
Unit 1 Respect Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Respect Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Respect
Unit 4 Student Packet - Respect
Unit 5 Respect Post-Module Survey
Module 4 Responsibility
Having the power to act and the requirement to meet a standard of performance.
Unit 1 Responsibility Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Responsibility Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Responsibility
Unit 4 Student Packet - Responsibility
Unit 5 Responsibility Post-Module Survey
Module 5 Communication
Demonstrated through our ability to coordinate action and is dependent on shared understanding.
Unit 1 Communication Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Communication Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Communication
Unit 4 Student Packet - Communication
Unit 5 Communication Post-Module Survey
Module 6 Confidence
The level of certainty in your ability to achieve an unexpected outcome.
Unit 1 Confidence Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Confidence Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Confidence
Unit 4 Student Packet - Confidence
Unit 5 Confidence Post-Module Survey
Module 7 Perseverance
Continued effort toward a goal, despite challenges, difficulties, and failures.
Unit 1 Perseverance Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Perseverance Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Perseverance
Unit 4 Student Packet - Perseverance
Unit 5 Perseverance Post-Module Survey
Module 8 Innovation
Bringing into the possible that which was impossible.
Unit 1 Innovation Pre-Module Survey
Unit 2 Innovation Video (Part 1 of 1)
Unit 3 Teacher Guide - Innovation
Unit 4 Student Packet - Innovation
Unit 5 Innovation Post-Module Survey