About Mindset Matters


Everyone is a leader, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity… Leaders are developed through education and experience… Building character is a personal choice… Leaders use a common and shared language… Leadership takes practice… Leaders learn and grow through failure… Feeling safe isn’t enough. Being safe takes practice, preparation, and observation skills…

MINDSET Matters was established to provide leadership lessons to help develop our future leaders and keep children safe when they move away from home for the first time.

Our program suggests that the difference in bullying and other harmful activities as well as innovation and constructive behavior can be a student who has the mindset and skillset to take positive leadership action.

The MINDSET program engages three audiences; middle school, high school, and the community.



Lt. (ret.) Larry Yatch

After serving in Iraq, Larry faced an injury that would take him away from his role as a Navy SEAL. Rather than be defeated, Larry and Anne set out to keep the world safe by being on the frontlines of education through training young adults in school, the community, and beyond. Larry’s extensive and global military training bring a unique aspect to the personal safety curriculum by harnessing his experiences serving as a leader in some of the world’s most dangerous situations.


Todd Alexander

Todd’s background as a Vice President of Leadership and Culture at one of the nation’s largest private companies helps guide the Mindset curriculum by offering a diverse perspective on leadership training. His work includes leading large companies, orchestrating leadership development within corporations, transforming company culture, and leadership coaching. Todd has taken his expertise in the workplace and is now applying it to leadership and culture development within our schools.

Anne Yatch

Anne’s background in international security and antiterrorism incorporates a global perspective on safety awareness and a trusted female perspective to what it means to stay safe in the real world. Anne has taken her expertise in safety training and operational planning and is now applying it to personal safety within our schools and communities.


We are in the process of working with the Rochester Area Foundation (RAF) to establish the MINDSET Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The purpose of the Mindset Foundation is to help make the MINDSET Matters programs available to all schools regardless of size, location, or financial situation.

Implementing one of the MINDSET Matters programs at your school, as successful as it might be, requires funding. Some organizations lack adequate funding. However, there are a variety of ways for you to fund the MINDSET programming within your school including:

• Access existing budget earmarked for anti-bullying, personal safety, or health and wellness education
• Private donations from local community members
• Local or national corporate sponsorships
• Grants from non-profit foundations

If you are interested in implementing any of the MINDSET programs, yet may not have the funding available, please contact our team at anne@mymindsetmatters.org to connect you with the MINDSET Foundation and the grant application process.

For more information on how you can support the Mindset Foundation, please contact Ann Fahy-Gust of the Rochester Area Foundation at ann@rochesterarea.org